Your Senior Year should be the best year of your life. It should not be dominated by the college search, but rather maintaining a balance that will allow you to participate in all school and extracurricular activities of your choice while laying the groundwork for attending college in the fall. For these reasons, The Patrick School begins guidance on the college search early in the high school career.   The school Guidance Counselor is always available to develop an individualized plan and answer questions.  Students begin making visits as a group to college fairs during their sophomore year.  All prospective college student-athletes have their academic progress monitored by our NCAA Academic Counselor from the beginning of their academic career to ensure that they are taking the right courses, registering for SAT and ACT tests, maintaining the proper GPA and making progress toward becoming academically eligible to accept an NCAA scholarship if offered one. The follow guidelines are a good place to start for all students as they begin to think about college:

Know Yourself:

__Recognize Your Strengths and Weaknesses

__Consider ALL Colleges of Interest

__Look At Your Future With Enthusiasm


Consider Your Reasons For Attending College:

__Personal Goals

__Career Preparation

__Learning Opportunities

__Life Values

__Influence of Family & Friends


Identify College Characteristics Important To YOU:

__Majors & Educational Programs

__Type of School

__Location & Size

__College Affiliation and Accreditation

__Academic Reputation


Investigate & Compare Colleges:

__Prepare  A College Comparison Checklist

__Weigh Advantages & Disadvantages

__Contact Admissions Offices

__Plan Your Campus Visits


Checklist For Campus Visits:

__Take A Campus Tour

__Talk With Students & Faculty

__Investigate Your Academic Program

__Meet With An Admissions Counselor

__Verify Admissions Requirements

__Discuss Your Chances For Success


Make Some Decisions:

__Confer With Your Parents & Counselor

__Evaluate Your Options At Each College

__Keep Rethinking Your Goals and Plans

__Show Initiative & Be Assertive

__Select A School That “Fits You” Best