The Patrick School employs a full range of technological resources in the delivery of its academic programs.  Students are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet computer for use in the classroom. The entire campus has Wifi connection. All classrooms are equipped with a Smart Board and computers for teachers, and students, to use during instruction. Finally, the expansive computer lab provides technological resources for students before school, during lunch and after school and allows class sessions to be given in this rich technological environment.

GradPoint Program

The Patrick School has introduced the GradPoint program to its curriculum, which provides students with educational resources and opportunities in tune with our digital era.   Rather than replacing a traditional curriculum, the GradPoint courses supplement standard classroom instruction through its blended, 60-40 learning model.  Students take the course online while monitored, guided and instructed by a TPS faculty member. This program has The Patrick School to expand the number of electives, honors courses and Advanced Placement courses available to our students.