The Patrick School (TPS)

History and Tradition

The Patrick School emerged from a rich tradition dating back to the 1860s. For nearly 150 years, The Patrick School community has taken pride in providing a small, close-knit, familial environment for young women and men to learn and grow. The Patricians that came before support the school and serve as role models of who our current students can become with hard-work, focus and commitment.

Our Mission:
The Patrick School is a private secondary school that provides a comprehensive and affordable education to its students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The mission of the school is to foster in students a life-long passion for learning, individual growth, and social responsibility in a safe and familial environment.

The Patrick School seeks to inspire and support students to strive for academic and personal excellence within an ethical framework by placing the highest value on honor, while consistently reinforcing progressive thought.

While The Patrick School continues to build upon the traditions, values and pride of its namesake, it is expanding its horizons to meet and welcome the needs of our ever-evolving society. Above all, the school and its staff are committed to the holistic, healthy development and success of each student.

Core Values:

Academic Excellence: Provide and competitive and innovative curriculum in preparation for advanced education; enable each student to develop intellectually to their fullest potential; challenge students to cultivate the knowledge and skills needed to become an active member of society.

Moral Integrity:Instill honesty and honor; teach mutual respect and responsibility for self, others and community; provide a strong ethical foundation built on values of discipline, tolerance, accountability and confidence.

Leadership: Guide students to have a vision, be progressive thinkers; strive to be accomplished; to function as empowered adults prepared to make a difference in the world in which they live

Holistic Development: Promote the growth of the minds, bodies and souls of students by providing extra-curricular activities in such areas as athletics, the arts, volunteerism and community services. These activities will focus on developing the uniqueness of each student by fostering their special talents.

Everything The Patrick School does is centered upon its commitment to foster the development of these four core values in all those who make up our school community.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us by using the following methods :

  • Phone : 908 353 5220

397 Columbia Avenue, Hillside, NJ

About Us

The Patrick School is fully accredited by the Middle States Association, NCAA, NJSIAA and is registered with the NJ Department of Education for Non-Public Schools